Letter: The Book of Genesis insults women

Editor of the Reformer:

Cui bono, a Latin phrase meaning, "for whose benefit," is a key forensic question in determining who has the motives for crimes against women. Yet, I have never been able to fully answer the question of why too many women have lived and continue to live a lifetime of indignities within the Judeo-Christian-Muslim patriarchy. Why for generation after generation would women settle for a man-centered family, man-centered governance and man-centered society? Could it be that those three-in-one religions clearly portray the supremacy of a man-god?

On the whole, women have never enjoyed full equality and freedom as compared to men. Locally, the Women's Freedom Center mission is to "work toward ending men's physical, sexual and emotional violence against women and their children." Yet, people who want to end the violence and sexual intimidation from patriarchy but not the spiritual institution itself fail in their mission by not ending the institutional and cultural driving mechanism that causes the violence and inequality they wish to stop.

In the mythology of Genesis, women were "created" second to men, but more so as an afterthought. Further insulting, though, is the fact that when "Adam" noticed the beasts in the fields had mates did he beg the question of why do the beasts have mates but he has none? It was only at that point when the man-god is moved to take a "rib" from Adam to form his female counterpart. This man-god wouldn't even create a woman from scratch like he did Adam, so the best he could do was to create her from a man's measly rib, and then, only after he had created Adam and all the other creatures with their mates!

Excusing Genesis as an allegorical interpretation as opposed to the literal sense fools no one except believers. You can be sure that no woman would write an indefensible story like that. Genesis for women is insult, after insult, upon insult. Why would people with any sense of decency write something that so denigrates their opposite gender? Follow the trail of violence against women and you will find the original diatribe of hate that too many Jews, Christians and Muslims believe to this day.

It is a precedent in truth that failing to overcome patriarchy and their cultural religions of death means that a large portion of the female world population can never rise above gendercide, sexual-harassment and inequality now and for as long as they believe in the word of "man" and his religions.

It's almost impossible to escape the ingrained harm perpetrated against women by that inexcusable three-in-one religion. However, there is one way, and only one way to overturn the ancient and modern ghastly treatment of the gender that gives birth to us all. Women must renounce and abandon all that Judeo-Christian-Muslim faiths believe and relegate its hydra-headed pathological mythos to the dustbin of history. For, it is only women who can ultimately secure for themselves their inalienable rights to that which cannot be given or taken away.

Vidda Crochetta

Brattleboro, Nov. 6


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