Letter The Democratic Party, not the Russians, are to blame

Editor of the Reformer:

I'm tired of hearing how the Russians blocked Hillary and gave us Trump, instead of Democrats taking blame for running a corporatist candidate against a populist.

People are sick of corporate domination, which is what made Trump's populist rhetoric so tempting to so many. National elections in this country and around the world have been "hacked" by intelligence agencies since the 1950s — this is nothing new. The United States has interfered in 81 foreign elections, toppling regimes in Latin America, the Middle East, Indonesia and Africa. At the first sign of freedom breaking out in a country, our corporate dominance is threatened, and our spy teams go into action, triggering their spy teams.

Intelligence agencies around the world are having a good laugh at the idea that the Russians gave us Trump. That story sells newspapers and keeps Americans jumping to computers and cell phones to spread gossip of the next turn of events in this absurd reality show that modern politics has become. Gore Vidal said "The U.S. now has one political party with two right wings."

During the primaries most polls showed Hillary either losing to Trump or barely beating him, and showed Bernie trouncing him. It was the DNC that blew the election, by illegally and immorally eliminating Bernie (as Donna Brazile recently admitted), the guy who drew 60,000 people to his rallies, and giving us Hillary, who drew a thousand to hers, not the Russians. Until Democrats wake up and own the reason they lost the election they're going to do the same thing all over again next time.

Mark Borax,

Putney, FEb. 12


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