Letter: The easier way: Treat each other with kindness and mercy

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Editor of the Reformer,

I don't subscribe to current Democratic or Republican views. Let me be clear about that.

A few seconds of speech are used in a partisan video to bias viewers. I understood those moments to be part of a description of what we have seen Republicans of this administration do to Democrats as well as those who disagree within the Republican party. It is clear we have a competitive, non cooperative, divided Congress, government. "Better-than-ism" seems to be the battle cry: "My team is better than yours and we will prove it by any means necessary!" It is clear that problem-solving is NOT top priority in our government; that logic, discussion, conversation, debate, or public health and greater good no longer have a respected place in our larger community context.

Thankfully, there are still open minds in the fields of education and social and scientific research. Hopefully, our social/emotional/spiritual evolution will unfold and proceed in a timely enough fashion to protect humannness from orchestrating its own demise.

Although it appears people's minds are already made up, because these decisions regarding politics are made in another part of the brain, based in emotion, habit, tradition, etc., we may see some minds changing as a result of conversation or education.

I do witness people, strangers to me before this seclusion experiment, behaving in kind, generous, open-hearted and patient ways, despite the stories I hear of the opposite. Is this another demonstration of the division in our country, and perhaps around the world?

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While my mind is made up to align with compassion, I am not perfect, and trust The Maker, the Mother/Father/ Son/Holy Spirit of All Life, to guide me and correct my course when I falter. Jesus said "love your enemies" (those with different opinions); I see very little respect, much less love, in government. I am ashamed of what I see in American politics. It appears to me, many of those folks in politics in both parties have forgotten God! Whatever their spiritual life holds, they have forgotten spiritual principles which provide the foundation for this country, this experiment in freedom and self-governance. The same principles they swore to defend and uphold.

Our spirituality is lived out one choice at a time, every day, not just on Saturday or Sunday as directed by sermon, preacher or other leader.

"Love your neighbor and your enemy. What you do to the least of these (those most vulnerable and unable to defend themselves), you do to Me." The messages have been clear and simple. Humans have complicated them in our resistance to comply. But there really IS an easier, softer way.

Treat each one with kindness and mercy without regard to cost. That is an easier, softer Way. The Way of Life. The Spirit, The Source of Life, gives to all without prejudice, gives us all renewed opportunities every day to choose a softer, easier Way. Kindness. Mercy.

I wish you health, growth and clarity as life unfolds this tangled web we humans have weaved. Best to you all along this difficult transformational trail,

Lynn Russell

Brattleboro, May 13


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