Letter: Things we take for granted

Editor of the Reformer:

A silver maple of great age was taken down in the front of our property late last summer by the town of Brattleboro. The reaction of neighborhood residents was mixed; some relieved that a potential serious accident was averted but many surprised and sad.

While waiting for the crew to come, I happened to begin reading Peter Wohlleben's book, "The Hidden Life of Trees." Though I've always had a deep affinity for trees, this book really woke me up more fully into the wonder of them.

In the following months, there has been time to appreciate even more all that "our" tree provided: cooling shade, resting place for creatures, nourishment for microscopic organisms. There's also been an opportunity to appreciate how well my partner and I were treated by the town and how skillful the crew was who did the work. Our experience has led us to look with fresh eyes at all it's easy to take for granted here — dedicated educators, artists, activists, merchants, providers of public and volunteer services, the flowers brightening our bridges and Main Street, the classy new bridge at Frost Place, sources of high quality produce, food, and beverages, etc. Like trees, these are elements of home.

My life has been forever graced by so many things, including our tree, for which I sincerely say "Thank you."

Lois B. Trezise

Brattleboro, Feb. 9


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