Letter: Time for 'Colonel' image/logo to go

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Editor of the Reformer,

Regarding the article "Brattleboro Union High School grad wants school to change its nickname" (July 27):

Having recently read Ron Chernow's book "Grant," one learns in detail about Ulysses S. Grant's life and about the Civil War itself. One predicament the South struggled with was dealing with a shortage of career military leaders. To fill the gap they turned to using civilians. One could get a position and title if one was politically connected. It helped to be an industrial leader or if one happened to be a large land owner. Large land owner also meant one owned slaves. One can picture an elderly, bearded, white-suited plantation owner that was given the title of "Colonel."

Following the war during the Reconstruction time and beyond, there was a heightened level of bitterness due to the loss and control by the North. Feeling the brunt of the bitterness were, of course, the Black people. Leading the way in committing atrocities toward this group was the KKK. One would have to believe the "Colonel" plantation owners played an active and prominent role in being members of the KKK.

Michael Fairchild

BUHS class of 1969

Brattleboro, July 27



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