Letter: Time to put America, not politics, first

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Editor of the Reformer,

Last night was one of those evenings that has gotten into my head so now I need to write it out! Our grandson redid a garden for me by the front of our porch where our flag hangs. When he finished he asked me if he had placed the solar spotlights, which light our flag at night, correctly. I told him they looked good, but I would check them after dark.

Our flag is at half staff in memory of the COVID-19 victims as well as our people who have lost their lives in military conflict. I went out about 9 p.m. to check and yes, the lights were perfectly placed. So perfectly that it took my breath away and I stood there looking at our flag. It is a new flag, and I could still hear our good friend, neighbor and World War II Naval Veteran, Tugboat, reprimanding me for flying the flag but not keeping it lit at night. Thank goodness for solar spotlights, no more guilt!!

As I stood looking at the flag, a wave of sorrow, pride and emotions swept over me. What came to my mind is we need Patriotism now NOT partisanship! The Pledge of Allegiance came to my mind with the phrase "one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." I looked up the word "indivisible" in my old handheld Merriam-Webter Dictionary which gave the definition "not divisible" and then I went online to Merriam-Webster Learners Dictionary.com and it says "impossible to divide or separate." Guess what, my friends, we are a sadly divided country.

I know one letter is not going to fix things, but please think about this. Frankly, I'd like to replace most of Washington, D.C. right now, but instead I'm going to say, "Park your party affiliation at the door, go inside and fix America!!" That won't happen, of course, with human beings who they are — greedy and power hungry — but maybe if we start with ourselves and encourage our local, state and federal leaders to become patriots and non-partisan, then maybe, just maybe, we collectively can start a change in our remarkable country. Thank you for your time reading this and putting America, who is ALL of us, first, not politics!!

Helen Robb

Bratteboro, May 24



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