Letter: Too many problems

Editor of the Reformer:

"Property taxes to go up by 8 cents" says the headline. Several readings of the article only marginally clarify the headline. Eight cents a property? Eight cents a person? Eight cents for every dollar, $100 dollars OR $1,000? The real information needed in each town is how much will my taxes increase on say, a $200,000 property? We already saw a tax increase this year. Is another on the way?

Teachers healthcare costs have increased 10 to 17 percent. Why? Premium costs? Guess what, the taxpayers also saw increased premiums, lower benefits, higher deductibles. Looks like we will have to pay twice for the fiasco of healthcare reform. Reserves have been raided? Again, little detail in the article except school boards "thought" they would be savings from switching to a new plan so they spent the anticipated savings.

School attendance is decreasing across the board yet budgets keep rising. Doesn't anybody see a problem?

Cristine A. White,

West Dummerston, Oct. 5


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