Letter: 'Tyranny of men' began with creation myth


Editor of the Reformer,

Every year it's the same. The central theme of patriarchy is that men are superior to women. Self-righteous men claim for themselves father-centered religions, father-centered families, and by extension, male-centered governance and cultural traditions. To understand, perhaps, the perpetration of patriarchy, examine the creation myth that dominates the grim traditions embodied in Jukrislim history of the calendared Western Judeo-Christian-Muslim death culture.

The Jukrislim man-god mythologies and ensuing culture has a toxic negative obsession with a woman's body. After "man" was created "in the image of the god," there was no initial effort to create a woman. She was simply created later as an afterthought and only as an appendage to the man. When it came to the part in the story to create the first "offense" scene against this deity, it was a setup to incriminate the woman by the male authors. When it came time for Act II, the "punishment" scene, man was given a slap on the wrist. But women were forever blamed for the purported "original sin," condemned to the role of temptress, inflicted with painful childbearing, convicted as unclean and ostracized because of her menstrual bleeding times. Howsoever primitive this narrative seems today, many people still believe and/or are affected by it.

Just what was the problem with the biblical Abrahamics that compelled them to so harshly condemn women to second-class status? The answer? "Creation-envy." Simply put, men cannot create babies. Before the Genesis myth, there was no way for men to explicitly build a case against women to systematically discriminate against them.

In the early days of male-monotheism, before medical science, some men were suffering from a failure to create. There is reason to think that some of those men felt left out, unneeded, indebted to women, devalued, even emasculated. It was a childbirth-envy syndrome that drove insecure prideful men to make up for what, in reality, they could never do: create life.

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Childbirth was an important and joyous event. Oftentimes it was celebrated in public honoring the woman and her newborn as a renewal and continuation of the life of the village and the family-tribe. Then and now, the experience of witnessing childbirth firsthand is eye-opening, stunning, wondrous and awe-inspiring. It gives honest men pause to think of the "supreme" nature of a woman's role in the propagation of life itself.

The creation myth is clear historical evidence of the transmogrified minds of the men who created and built patriarchy into a dogmatic widespread belief-system that perverted the partnership between genders for generations to come. And, just as in the Genesis story, where the man becomes the god and life-giver, women became the accused, the blamed, abused and debased archetypes beyond recognition. The biblical authors legitimized the female "holocaust" for the next several thousand years. In a sense, "the tyranny of men" was born.

It's not just today's Trumpian bully, evangelical, sexist and right-wing era that endangers women. Patriarchy is inextricably tied to western religions, where Jukrislim monotheism engenders contentious, unstable and dangerous fake male-superiority. Unless women, in particular, repudiate and renounce the trifecta of Judeo-Christian-Muslim religions behind the patriarchy, men and women will never be of sound mind and body. We have a long way to go to bring women into the light, and out of the glare of patriarchal gaze.

Vidda Crochetta

Brattleboro, Jan. 15


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