Letter: Wake-up call for Vermont democracy


Editor of the Reformer,

From the beginning, Act 46 acknowledged that schools which were meeting the goals of the Act should not be compelled to merge if they could provide conclusive documentation of it. Athens, Grafton and Westminster irrefutably did just that. Regrettably, what happened here as elsewhere was that we ran into the ideological buzzsaw of a runaway State Board of Education which, Facts be Damned, was determined to merge everybody.

As I have stated repeatedly on these pages and elsewhere, this is not really a struggle over education policy, it is a battle to determine if non-elected state agencies can override the results of duly warned and executed local votes. If they are allowed to get away with it, this will be the Death Knell of Vermont Democracy.

What happened in the auditorium at Bellows Falls Union High School Wednesday night was an act of the people taking control of an outside agenda which promoted the anti-democratic policy goals of certain well heeled special interests, who have seized the opportunity to advance their own goals that the Act 46 mergers created. Let us fervently hope that Vermonters, and most especially their elected representatives in the Legislature, will wake up in time to save their democracy.

David M. Clark

Westminster, April 12



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