Letter: Walk the walk on climate crisis

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Editor of the Reformer,

According to climate scientists, we have only about a decade to stop the climate crisis. We can't wait for this President and his minions to take the message seriously; they won't. (Read Becca Balint's insightful commentary, "Greta Thunberg and climate misogyny," published in the Reformer on Friday, Sept. 6).

So, on Friday, Sept. 20, I'm joining the global climate strike. People all over the world will be leaving school and work to demonstrate that business just can't go on as usual. We have to do something NOW, and any candidate for public office has to be with us on this. I'm no scientist myself, but I respect the level of education that has brought climatologists to believe that things are bad and will only get worse if we don't make big changes now, as in the Green New Deal. Even if our climate were changing due to natural causes, wouldn't we still want to do everything we could to lessen the effects of climate warming for our children? It's the very least my generation can do for the younger people we love!

That's why I hope you will walk out of work (unless you're a nurse!) in support of the many students who will leave their classes on Sept. 20. I hope our own school administrators will stand with these students outside the schools.

Nancy Detra

Guilford, Sept. 6



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