Letter: We are all climate deniers


Editor of the Reformer,

I am a climate denialist. Everyone - scientists, statespeople, your townspeople and youth, most of all - say that the climate crisis is an emergency. We may point at the deniers, but in reality we and the deniers are the same: we refuse to take serious action. We are all in denial, and when we deny our fear, it weakens us. The house is on fire, people are dying, everything we cherish is in danger, and our minds blank at the glare. We don't know what to do. But in an emergency, not knowing what to do is not an option.

I have heard young girls talk about not having children because adults have so damaged the world. Think of these children, and your own. And think of everything we do for them and with them: the dreaming, playing, and the work to pay for the dreaming and all. We must protect all these things. These will mean nothing SOON if we don't act seriously NOW.

Let us come together at Representative Town Meeting March 23 at the high school. The resolution on the agenda is designed for us to rewrite. The exact points don't matter. What matters is that we admit our fear and harness its power, and that we try together to raise the issue to the next level.

Kurt Daims

Brattleboro Common Sense, March 8



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