Letter: We need moral vision, not blood lust


Editor of the Reformer,

I have great respect for Senator Becca Balint as both a writer and as our Vermont State Senator. I do question the effort put forth in her last column to make sure everyone knows that Iranian General Soleimani was a very bad person. There are many countries around the world that can make a case that members of other governments and militaries — even our own — have been bad actors and have overseen missions that resulted in untold deaths in their countries. Does this mean they can drop a fire bomb out of the sky wherever these folks might travel, and kill them? International law is an actual thing. The "we got him" coming from Washington is nothing but pandering to blood lust.

The Iranian people are sick of war. The Syrian people are sick of war. The Iraqi people are sick of war. The Afghani people are sick of war. I could continue to name countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America where various wars drag on. I believe that even we, the American people, are sick of war even with far fewer deaths suffered than in any of these other nations. Imagine how sick of war we would be if we had foreign troops on our soil since 2003?

Do we not have a responsibility as Americans to conduct ourselves with a higher degree of respect for law? Watching this administration struggle to justify this act of outright brutality puts us right on the level of those we claim as enemies. This shrinking, warming, hungry and struggling world is not a video game. We need leaders who work with moral vision, not with 38 percent of the nation (and 50 percent of our government) in blind lockstep.

Andy Davis

Brattleboro, Jan. 11



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