Letter: We're all paying the price for Trump's slow and inept response

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Editor of the Reformer,

I just received, probably like most people in the United States, a postcard in the mail, with a caption with very large blue letters saying: PRESIDENT TRUMP'S CORONAVIRUS GUIDELINES FOR AMERICA. I did a double take, thinking I had misread the caption. But I had not. Here was the coronavirus advice from the man who has handled the pandemic in the worst possible way imaginable and made the crisis much more severe than it could have been.

At first, Trump denied the seriousness of the virus outbreak, called it a hoax, dreamed up by the "fake media" and the Democrats to harm his reelection chances. Then he turned down the World Health Organization's offer to provide the United States with coronavirus test kits. Then the attempts by the Trump government to develop their own tests was badly bungled. Already before the crisis, Trump had dismantled the whole medical apparatus set up by President Obama to deal with the outbreak of widespread diseases, such as Ebola or the SARS virus. That left the the country wholly unprepared to cope with the Corona pandemic. Now we have more cases of the virus than any other country in the world. But we still don't have widespread testing available. There is a shortage of supplies like masks and other equipment at hospitals across the country. And because of Trump denying the severity of the pandemic and ignoring or even contradicting the advice of his own health officials, many people are still dismissing the seriousness of the crisis. And Trump is now warning governors that they won't get federal help if they are not "nice" and "appreciative" of him.

Trump's frequent utterances about the coronavirus crisis are replete with disinformation, falsehoods and outright lies. As a result of Trump's late, slow and inept reaction to the pandemic it will be much worse than it needed to be and more people will die. As one observer has said, Trump's behavior in this crisis is "one of the most staggering acts of presidential negligence and malice in modern history." And this man has the gall to send around a postcard to the American people advising them what to do! And by the way: Who paid the postage for these million pieces of Trumpian reelection propaganda? We the taxpayers or Trump's reelection campaign committee?

Sincerely yours,

Reto Pieth

Grafton, March 30



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