Letter: What is the optimum CO2 level?

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Editor of the Reformer,

Climate scientist have determined that the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere controls the climate like the thermostat in our homes. The next step for us would be to determine what level of CO2 gives us the ideal climate going forward. Currently, there is too much CO2 which causes the climate to heat up too much. There are two main sources of CO2, us and Mother Nature. Mother Nature we can't control so we need to dial the level of CO2 we generate down. The climate scientist will have to determine what the optimum CO2 level should be for the ideal climate. Once this is established, perhaps we can have a worldwide vote on whether this is the level we want. Some of us may disagree with the ideal concentration. For example, I enjoy cross country skiing, I would prefer a colder climate so that we get more snow and longer winter season. People in southern areas might like it to be cooler so that the summers aren't so hot. Populations that live in the very northern areas might like it to be warmer so they can have a longer growing season. We should probably have a worldwide vote on climate concentration is best for all this can be done easily via the internet.

Once the ideal level is established we will have to constantly monitor CO2 in the atmosphere to maintain it at the ideal concentration. If Mother Nature increases CO2 we have to be prepared to lower our generation of CO2 to maintain the ideal climate. We also need to make sure the level of CO2 does not drop below 150 ppm which is the minimum concentration that plants require to survive.

Remi Morrissette

Vernon, Jan. 16



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