Letter: When will they ever learn?

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Editor of the Reformer,

So Trump is crazy and dangerous? It hardly matters. Because the world's governments and leading businesses and institutions are for the most part also crazy and dangerous: oblivious to the dying of the planet. They are more concerned with the next election, next quarterly report, or local issues and entertainments.

About warming, adult leadership barely exists — with the reach, courage and persistence that are needed.

Presidential debates give warming lip service. And we debate trade wars and immigration, ignoring the wars and migrations that loom with climate change.

Universities and religious leaders are silent. And most media give warming small attention. In their place we have a worldwide children's crusade, lately unignorable. Yet largely ignored, if you look for increased attention by those in power.

So we wonder what it would take to rouse our leaders — immolations at the Congress or U.N.? Submersion of Florida or Bangladesh? Loss of another thousand species?

We hope that, before then, those in power will find at least some concern for their grandchildren.

Byron Stookey

Brattleboro, Oct. 30



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