Letter: Where's the authority to Warn?


Editor of the Reformer,

I have studied the Warning of a Special Meeting that involves voters in Putney, Dummerston, Brattleboro and Guilford. Though the Warning does not mention Act 46, many of us know that is what it relates to. My concern is simple: The Warning was signed by Daniel French, Vermont's Secretary of Education. What authority allows Daniel French to Warn and Notify voters in these four towns to conduct any business at all? He does not live in any of these towns. He does not hold elective office. He was selected to serve as Secretary by the Governor, but his candidacy was proposed by the same Vermont Board of Education that has been implementing Act 46. This seems to me to be another step in a convoluted process that must be addressed by the Legislature in order to reach clarity and a conclusion that meets the needs of Vermont, its residents and taxpayers.

Casey Murrow

Putney, Jan. 4



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