Letter: Who is the real enemy?


Editor of the Reformer,

The Mueller Report thoroughly documents Russian interference in the 2016 election in order to help elect Trump and weaken Americans' confidence in the integrity of our electoral process. The Russians planted false stories, created fictitious political entities and hacked into Democratic party email accounts. But Donald Trump doesn't care! He refuses to believe Mueller, the FBI, the CIA and other national security experts. Instead he has accepted Vladimir Putin's claims of Russian innocence. He has done nothing to protect the country from the next round of Russian meddling which is underway. And now Trump says he would gladly accept political dirt on his 2020 opponent from a foreign government. Let's reflect a moment upon that. The president of the United States is, in effect, inviting the Russians, and other enemies of democracy, to interfere in our elections again! He is publicly soliciting their help. What else do you need to know? If you love this country, if you value our independence and if you believe in democracy, you must oppose the reelection of this president. Donald Trump, not the free press, is the enemy of the people.

Bill Dunkel

Windham, June 13



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