Letter: You got it all wrong

Editor of the Reformer:

This letter is a response to Vidda Crochetta's recent letter ("The Book of Genesis insults women," Nov. 10). I am wondering if you know that Christianity and Muslims and Judaism function quite different from each other. It would be like comparing apples and oranges and grapefruits and saying they are the same.

I have been involved in Christianity for 35 years and I have never been taught that women are a second-class people. In fact, in our house I have a saying that goes like this: "I always have the last word — Yes, Dear."

Let me tell you how Christianity relates to women. Husbands are commanded to love their wife's as Jesus Christ (who was God) Love us and died on the cross for us, for our sins. We are commanded to love our children and are families should come before our jobs. We are command to love our neighbors as we love ourselves and that includes women neighbors. We are commanded to take care of the widow and the orphan. We stand against the termination of women in the womb. We stand against pornography, which the ALCU by the way considers free speech. We stand against Hollywood's exploitation of women in movies and now, by the directors of movies that abuse women. In the Old Testament it was capitol punishment for raping a women.

I think the letter writer has his guns pointed in the wrong direction. Personally, I think the lack of belief in God these days has contributed more to the violence against women and the discrimination towards people today. God teaches us to forgive, love, and extend grace, which are diminishing character traits in our society today.

Rick Kenyon,

Brattleboro, Nov. 17


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