Litfest: Laundry


Verandah Porche, Wendy M. Levy, Taite Blais, Ruth Antoinette, Rodriguez, Diana Whitney, Meg Baronian, and Shanta Lee Gander read from their work for Brattleboro Literary Festival on Oct. 14, 7 p.m. at 118 Elliot, Brattleboro

Brattleboro Litfest Presents Laundry: The Exploration within and outside of the bounds of The metaphor of laundry

BRATTLEBORO — Laundry is one of the final events taking place as a part of the Brattleboro Literary Festival taking place on Sunday, Oct. 14, 7 p.m. at 118 Elliot. Laundry is a celebration of women's voices and women's lives through the writing that they do. The idea for the show was originated by Meg Baronian, a writer and teacher of writing at Landmark College in Putney VT. Featured artists include include Verandah Porche, Wendy M. Levy, Taite Blais, Ruth Antoinette, Rodriguez, Diana Whitney, Meg Baronian, and Shanta Lee Gander.

The show's originator and executive producer, Meg Baronian, uses the word laundry as a metaphor to describe the writing that women do. Baronian further described, "It's all about the dirt. It's about coming clean and putting it out in public."

Baronian further explained, "Bringing the personal into public is in a sense an act of transgression and therefore very powerful. Making known the unknown, bringing out into view what we are taught to keep to ourselves pushes back against propriety. It might set some people on edge...but it gets others talking about real issues that need confronting in everyday life .. .just to get through or just to get it all out. Think public laundry where you go every Saturday with everybody else and all your dirty clothes to get the wash done."

"Growing up, the household motto was always, `keep your dirty laundry to yourself" Shanta Lee Gander shared, writer and one of the shows participants. Gander further comments, "There are a lot of things I like about the analogy of laundry as it relates to writing. The dirt doesn't always come out in the wash or sometimes we hang things out there as unapologetic and without explanation as the words we craft, allowing others to bring their own meaning or understanding to them."

The show will include some work that may fit into the metaphor and others stretching outside of these bounds. The audience is in for a treat in this range of voices presented in Laundry. For more information, find Laundry on Facebook.



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