Man allegedly attacks other man with knife

BRATTLEBORO — Early Monday morning Officer Sean Wilson spoke to a victim at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital who said he was attacked by a man wielding a knife.

Owin Thomas, 38, of Brattleboro, was arrested later that morning for the alleged assault. Thomas is being charged with aggravated assault with a weapon, possession of cocaine of 2.5 grams or more and heroin possession of 1 gram or more.

This is on top of a previous charge of simple assault from an altercation that occurred on Nov. 3.

In Monday's incident, the victim's face was wrapped in bandages and he could barely speak, Wilson wrote in the affidavit. The victim wrote his description of the assaulter on a pad of paper, "a drug dealer named 'O' from New York that deals narcotics from Green Street at a white house on the corner attacked me."

The victim's injuries were too severe to treat at BMH, so he was transferred to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

The victim said there were three witnesses to the incident. He said he was attacked by 'O' after getting into a fight with one of the witnesses.

Wilson went to a house on Green Street where he knew one of the witnesses lived. The witness greeted Wilson while holding a knife. He told him he always keeps a knife by the door. Other people in the house hid from Wilson even when he ordered them to come out.

One of the men in the house was Thomas, who fit the description the victim gave of the assaulter. Inside of Thomas' jacket, Wilson saw a knife with a red handle and what appeared to be blood on the blade. He took the jacket as evidence, with the intention of gaining a warrant to search it.

Wilson also found 80 grams of cocaine base, a digital scale with a white powdery residue on it and a box of plastic sandwich bags in the room from which Thomas had emerged.

Thomas was taken into custody and held because he had an outstanding charge of simple assault. Thomas was accused of punching a stranger in the face because he thought he was "talking [expletive] about him," in the parking lot of BMH in November. There was security footage of that victim being assaulted by a man matching Thomas' description.

At the Brattleboro Police Department, Officer Michael Cable found a bag of opiates in Thomas' sock.

Judge Michael Kainen ordered that Thomas be held on $50,000 bail.

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