Man signs plea deal in nude dancing case


Wednesday, July 4
BRATTLEBORO -- A Brattleboro man who was caught on videotape in May dancing naked in the street signed a plea deal Tuesday morning.

Adhi N. Palar, 20, pleaded guilty to engaging in a prohibited act and will serve a one-year deferred sentence, meaning probation for a year.

If he completes probation and remains out of trouble for a year, his record will be expunged, court officials said.

In addition to his probation, he will have to appear before the reparative board and complete community service.

According to court documents, Palar was arrested after police viewed a video of him dancing in the street. That video was recorded by an employee at Hotel Pharmacy May 16 after a customer came into the store complaining of people dancing in the street.

That video, which surfaced on the Internet, showed a male and a female dancing on Elliot Street.

The Brattleboro Police Department described the incident in an affidavit.

"I observed that the male was using a shoe to splash water from a puddle and then picked up a piece of what looked to be clothing," Capt. Gene Wrinn wrote.

"The male placed the clothing between his legs and held the item with one hand behind his back and one hand in front of his body. The male pulled the material back and forth a number of times rubbing his genitals with the material."

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Police considered Palar's actions lewd and met with him in front of the Tinderbox the next day.

Palar told police he was dancing naked the previous day, and was arrested.

In a police interview, Palar said that "there was nothing sexual involved in his activities and he was only washing himself," according to the affidavit.

While police arrested Palar for lewd and lascivious conduct at the time, he was charged for prohibited acts during his arraignment Tuesday.

A group of young people, including Palar, gained attention when they hung out around downtown completely naked last year.

While police stated that simply being naked is not a crime, if someone crosses the line by taunting other people or acting in a way that is for their own sexual gratification, they are breaking the law.

Police will respond to any complaints of public nudity, but many do not result in arrests. The town manager's office has also started a complaint log to keep track of any incidents of nudity.

The Selectboard defeated a proposed ordinance that would have banned public nudity in the town last year.

The current board had planned to take up the issue this year, but it has not been discussed recently.

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