Mrowicki seeking reelection to Windham-4

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PUTNEY — State Rep. Mike Mrowicki kicked off his 2020 reelection campaign for the Windham-4 District this week - albeit in modified, COVID-19 mode.

"Your health and safety, and getting our economy rolling again, are at the top of my To-Do list. And, I'll also keep working with my colleagues for Climate Actions, Health Care (including Mental Health/ Substance Abuse Treatment and Women's Reproductive Health Access), Common Sense Gun Violence Prevention laws and an Economy that works for all, not just an elite few," Mrowicki said in a statement from his Putney home.

Mrowicki issued the following statements to voters:

- "It's an honor and pleasure to serve the people of Putney, Dummerston and Westminster. I look forward to continue bringing steady, effective leadership to help calm the chaos coming from Washington. We can't get caught up in that daily chaos, despite local efforts to bring the Trump policies to Vermont."

- "As always, my promise is to work hard at all times for you. Whether it's getting a stop sign replaced that was knocked over in a snowstorm, cutting through red tape to get a family on the state health insurance, or helping sign-ups for unemployment benefits. That ground level work is just as important as the policy work done at the Statehouse."

- "We're at a time when we need good government, and experienced legislators, more than ever. We're not only trying to make progress working against this deadly virus, but also pushing back against Trump policies trying to set back progress made over decades. From his removing EPA protections for the environment to undermining women's rights for reproductive freedom, the assaults on progress have been unrelenting. Thus, at every election level this year, President Trump and his policies are on the ballot."

- "In a state where computer chips (for phones) are our biggest export, and at time where our agricultural heritage and relationship to the land are more challenged than ever, how do we find a balance point? That's where my experience in bringing people together, and finding the mutual place of compromise will help us make progress and bridge the polarization that holds us back."

- "The Legislature is working overtime this year, to make accommodations for the extra work COVID has put on our desks - especially regarding keeping the state's finances sound, while helping our neighbors in need. Focusing on that work, my time to campaign will be limited. That's why I'll be relying on our team of supporters more than ever. For those interested to help in this effort, visit"

In closing, Mrowicki said, "With your votes and support, I'll continue to bring your voice, and my experience, to Montpelier. With the Vermont values of community, equality and justice, we'll work our way past this current crisis and the ongoing Trump chaos, to build a strong, healthy Vermont and a brighter future for today and generations to come."



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