Music: Zikina-Ugandan Folk Fusion

Bandleader Gideon Ampeire, with Mike Cardozo, Roston Kirk, and Kade Parkin, Nov. 18, 7:30 p.m. $10 advance, $12 at the door. The Stone Church, 210 Main St., Brattleboro

Zikina- Ugandan Folk Fusion

Zikina is a group that imaginatively blends Gideon's musical and cultural heritage with the wide palette of sounds and ideas that each member brings to the table.

The Zikina experience starts with curiosity. If you're like most audience members, you'll immediately ask, What is that he's playing? Uganda native Gideon Ampeire draws you in with a variety of traditional East African instruments rarely found in the United States, including enanga (zither), adungu (harp), and kalimba (thumb piano) — all of which he builds himself.

Once your interest is piqued by the instruments, you'll quickly discover that there's so much more to the band beyond basic novelty. Mike Cardozo (guitar) weaves intricate melodic conversations with Gideon and dances through the beat with punchy rhythmic lines. Roston Kirk (bass) and Kade Parkin (drums) weave a sonic landscape that flows seamlessly from intense grooves to joyous dance beats to dreamy textures. Gideon's vocals can cut powerfully through the fabric or float lightly above. It all adds up to something completely new and unique, yet immediately accessible.


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