Nathan Carman's attorney asks court to toss aunts' probate petition


CONCORD, N.H. — Attorneys for Nathan Carman are asking a New Hampshire probate judge to throw out a petition filed by his aunts seeking to have him declared the murderer of his grandfather, arguing that the dead man wasn't a legal resident of the state.

In a 12-page response to the petition, Carman, through attorney Hubert Santos, denied any involvement in the murder of his grandfather John Chakalos. He also denied the other main allegation in his aunts' petition — that he deliberately sank the boat he and his mother were on last September while fishing in Block Canyon. Linda Carman has never been found and is presumed dead. Nathan Carman was rescued at sea.

The response argues that New Hampshire is the wrong venue for the legal proceeding because Chakalos wasn't a legal resident of the state even though he owns property there and both his probate estate and his wife Rita's probate estate were filed in New Hampshire.

John Chakalos was killed in his Windsor home in December 2013, shot three times in his bed. Police have acknowledged that Carman is a suspect in that case, but no one has been charged.

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