Next Pisgah harvest set for July


From 2007 through 2019 there have been six timber harvests totaling 2,243,750 board feet, or 28,935 tons timber with revenues of $569,792.

According to William Guinn, the current Administrator of the Forest Management Bureau, those harvests have been conducted on 708 operating acres, 499 partial cut acres and 174 regeneration acres.

The operating area is defined as the footprint of a timber sale area, wrote Guinn in an email to the Reformer.

"The whole area may not be harvested due to leave areas or buffers along sensitive and or fragile areas, and trails," he wrote. "That is why partial and regeneration acres do not equal operation acres."

A partial cut is considered "intermediate silviculture," such as thinning, tending, single tree selection, crop tree release and shelterwood, which is the practice of leaving mature trees standing to provide shelter in which saplings can grow. The Natural Resources Conservation Service defines crop tree release as a technique "used to enhance the health and productivity of individual trees, while improving other resources such as wildlife habitat, recreation, timber value, and aesthetics."

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Regeneration is the creation of openings through the use of groups, patches, or clear cuts to provide a diversity of size and age classes for wildlife habitat and a sustained yield of forest products over time, explained Guinn.

The next timber harvest in Pisgah is scheduled for July 9 through 13. and comprises a 165-acre lot. Truck access for the harvest will be an ATV/snow machine access trail from a parking lot on Route 119 in Winchester. Logging operations and trucking will only occur during weekdays, but ATV riders should be aware that log trucks entering and exiting via the ATV/snow machine access trail must be given the right-of-way.

Equipment will cross Reservoir Road just south of South Link Trail and logs will be brought to the log landing with a "forwarder," which unlike a skidder that drags the logs, carries the logs off the ground.

During the course of the harvest, equipment will also cross the ATV access trail near the log yard, South Link Trail and the hiking trail, which runs north from the ATV access trail to Reservoir Road.

For more information on this this project and timber harvesting in State Parks and State Forests, contact Project Forester Inge Seaboyer at 603-464-3453 or Regional Forester Scott Rolfe at 603-227-8741.


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