Our opinion: Respecting mom, 365 days a year

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It's Mother's Day weekend — the time of year when folks think of dear old mom and take her out for brunch, give her flowers, or send a greeting card or a gift. And why not?

She brought you into this world, after all.

That alone is worth a special day, just for her.

But how much do we show we respect mom in particular, and women in general, all year long?

We live in a country where women earn 79 cents for every dollar a man earns for the same work.

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We live in a country where women who have survived sexual assault are effectively put on trial, as if the crimes they endured were somehow their fault.

We live in a country where the presidential campaign is already focused on whether U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is "likeable," not whether she has the smartest specific policy ideas to offer voters next fall.

We live in a country where women's reproductive rights are under continuous attack.

Every one of the laws and policies that treat women as second class citizens has something in common: They were all passed and signed into law by men who apparently forgot they have a mother who deserves nothing less than the same rights, privileges and consideration as men. It's 2019. We should have been past this.

So hey, guys: Want to do something special for mom this weekend? Here's what you do: Treat the women in your life with decency and respect the other 364 days of the year. That will show your mom what she means to you a lot more than any bouquet of roses.


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