Peter 'Fish' Case: Border wall fuels the fire for Trump's base


Posturing on the backs of others just seems wrong. Holding out on something that seems so pie-in-the-sky is simply reckless and irresponsible. Yet that is where this Dumbledor lives, that is where the Conspirator and Chief starts his day. Two years of this nonsense, two years of listening to lie after lie and we're still playing this game, only now, actual people are actually suffering. Close to a million people are affected by this current shutdown; they are expected to work and not be paid. The IRS has been called back into work to issue refund checks that wouldn't otherwise go out in large part because, well, frankly I'm sure a large part of his base is reliant on that money.

To wall or not to wall, that seems to be the question. Concrete or Steel seems to be this idiot's only compromise. Yet, we all of rational mind and thought know that there is truly nothing that makes sense about this entire wall. This was campaign rhetoric that got pushed onto the main stage and now like a bully defending an indefensible position won't back down. It doesn't seem to matter that he told us another country would pay for the wall. Over and over again he said Mexico would pay, he never explained how that would happen. Well he sort of did, he said that taxing imports while lifting the taxing of exports would pay for the wall. But what do tariffs like that do? They cause a trade war, one that would yet again line the pockets of the wealthiest 1 percent. To simplify this even further, you owe a billionaire $10, so you reach into your child's piggy bank and take it. The money didn't really come out of your pocket, but it did come out of your household. Everybody loses.

Besides, the original cost of this wall was supposed to be between $12 and $25 billion. Yeah, I know, it's a huge difference. But that and that alone should have red flagged this thing. So now we have a Government shutdown because he's trying to get you and me to buy into building a third of this wall! I suppose that Go Fund Me page that is currently sitting at $20 million could be thrown into the mix, but then again, I think we'll find some legalities behind this type of contribution. But this is the type of thing that fuels the fire for the base. I was curious, so I went to the page to check it out, at 7 a.m. in the morning, within an 8-minute time span six individuals had donated $440 to this monument to stupidity. Yet, my wife will be doing a spinning challenge for Dana Farber institute and do you think that anyone of these bucketheads would give a nickel to help cure cancer? It's misguided to the very core and all it smacks of is the divisive nature of his rhetoric.

I have scratched my head over and over again trying to figure out what this administration is trying to accomplish. I've tried to reconcile the supporter as well, and I can't do it. It's not a political thing either, at its core it's common sense or the lack thereof. Lie after lie, and supporters defend him. If he gets caught lying, he lies about the lie and says he never lied. You roll the tape about the lie and he says it's a lie. Boy! We sure do live in interesting times! How interesting is it? Why, just the other day the Democratically held House passed something that the Republican Senators put together and now the Republicans will have nothing to do with it.

It all begs the question; does it really have anything to do with who spends 4 to 8 years in the White House or does it have more to do with the 10 to 30 years people spend in the House and Senate? Because at the end of the day, it's all a non-conversation if they simply say Stop!

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