Peter 'Fish' Case: Our leaders are failing us - they must be held accountable


I used to have a modicum of sympathy for our elected officials. I could never understand why you would go to work inside the beltway of Washington D.C. just to knock your head against the marble walls of the place where pomp and circumstance fuses with personal wealth and greed. Surely, when they ran they did so (at least most of them) to effect change. I don't think the likes of even Mitch McConnell ran on a platform of ruining the environment, caging children, or even that he would find himself having to defend the likes of one Orange Menace. But that is certainly what he turned into, and that is certainly what makes him the biggest elected official to fail the people of the United States.

Our leaders have failed us. It doesn't matter whether or not they are Democratic or Republican, they have failed us. Leading the way is without a shadow of the doubt the Republican Party. This currently repackaged GOP is unrecognizable, at least in my adult life. I'm not sure what or when it will end, but we certainly can't continue on this path without doing irrevocable damage to the United States. They are slowly creating legislation, state by state, that is trampling all over the law of the land and stripping women of their rights and doing it without apology.

The Dems, well they fail us every day by not putting up a fight. The likes of Nancy Pelosi not picking up the heaviest hammer she can wield and driving the impeachment nail through the bottom of the board is nothing short of mind boggling. Our Democratic leaders constantly fluff the pillows around this topic while Hair Fuhrer meets with another dictator and continues to lie at a rate that will force mathematicians to develop a new counting method. So yes, the entire lot of those people that have been serving for more than a decade are failing us, over and over again. They are not fighting hard enough. Who loses? Everyone! Everyone will lose, even those that are currently attacking the Constitution.

Yes, our leaders are failing us; yes, they continue to disappoint on a daily basis. But let me ask you a question: if we as a country continually step into the voters' booth and pull the lever for the same same who is truly failing the United States? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Unless we "get woke" and change the status quo, there is really nobody to blame but ourselves. When an entire "Judiciary Committee" refuses to look at a report into criminal wrongdoing by the highest office in the land, that's on us. When a candidate makes campaign promises and then doesn't follow up, that's on us! When Abraham Lincoln said, "Government of the people, by the people, for the people," guess what he meant you and me.

What happens from this point on is set firmly on our shoulders. Yes, there are a few of our leaders that are defining themselves in the mold of fighters and human rights warriors, but it's our job now to help and support them. We can no longer afford to sit on our hands and keep them clean; it's time to get dirty. Over the course of this Presidency we've watched racism and bigotry spike; we've watched fascist behavior bubble to the surface; we've watched as our government is ruled by Twitter. We can no longer watch; our leaders are failing us and the only thing we can do is hold them accountable.

We need to demand that there is a clear level of transparency. Put cameras everywhere! Reward the whistle blowers when they bring something into the light. Something I've always said is, follow the money "and Mexico will pay for the Wall." We know that's not happening. And by all means, demand access to things like the Mueller report or any government document that is finding itself stuck in the shadows. And you need to wake up every day and ask yourself, What the Hell is Up with That!

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