Peter 'Fish' Case: Stop the horror show: Vote Democratic straight down the ballot

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As I watch the march towards a totalitarian regimen that is permissioned to exist from a Republican controlled Senate, I can't help but think that we are sitting on our hands and just watching it happen. We are all aghast by the daily behavior of Benedict Donald, yet we continue to sit helplessly wondering who is going to step in and stop the madness (quick answer, it's you and me). Every single day there are new levels of crazy that fill our social media pages, news sources and wherever we go to try and stay informed. Every day it's flooded with bizarre act after bizarre act. Setting loose a "federal" army on the citizens of the United States to crush their First Amendment rights. We've watched as pregnant women have been shot with rubber bullets, old men have been bowled over and left bleeding from the ears, silent protestors just standing there getting maced. So, when will it stop? When we will finally understand that we have a say?

It's called down ballot voting. What does that mean? It means picking a party and going right down the ballot and voting for that party regardless. In this instance, voting for a Republican does nothing but continue this march towards fascism and a dystopian society. The complete and utter disrespect the entire Republican Party has shown this country also proves they can no longer be trusted with the keys. Over and over again they show that they are incapable of steering us back onto a path that will heal this nation. Because, after four years of this behavior, what was once a great country Republicans have made into a complete and utter laughing stock.

John Lewis passed away, a truly iconic figure in the civil rights movement who walked shoulder to shoulder with Martin Luther King. When figures like John Lewis die, so do large pieces of the fight. Did our president say anything about it? No. I watched as Mitch McConnell barely uttered his name. For a point of reference, Cadet Bone Spurs did take a moment to Tweet out his condolences about Regis Philbin (not that Regis wasn't deserving of a Tweet, but I think you see where I'm going with this). He also saw fit to retweet a fight that occurred at a Miami Hard Rock Caf ! Yet, nothing on what was a champion for the human race's betterment.

There can be no choice other than down ballot voting and it must go straight blue without question. Otherwise we'll never make the changes that are necessary to erase four years of this narcissist in chief. Unless we make sweeping changes at a local level and national level it won't change. If we don't eradicate every Republican from office, good or bad, we won't be able to fix it. I'm talking select board, mayor, governor, senator, congressman, alderman, justice of the peace, dog catcher and yes, even a president.

Civility and discourse have flown the coop, so forgive me if I sound fed up; I am. I no longer believe there are any redeeming qualities to any Republican. If you can still call yourself one after what Donald J. Trump has done to your party, then I can no longer be reasoned with and it's time to replace them all. When Representative Ted Yoho, a family values Christian Republican, married with two daughters, can look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and call her a bleeping bleep (first word rhymes with ducking, second word rhymes with twitch) ... explain to me how a man like this will ever have respect for women? He lives with three, you'd think he'd be better at it. He's not, because his politics over people is fully engaged and enabled by the party he serves.

There are only 97 days left before we can select someone else to be the leader. Early voting starts sooner than that (if you are going to vote by mail). Voting straight Democratic right down the ballot is what must happen. We can no longer sit by while a party of science-denying Republicans spews out misinformation about something as simple as wearing a mask. Our lives and our country hang in the balance. Sweeping change is needed and Republicans are no longer a strong enough party to have a seat at the table. Vote blue, no matter who!

Peter "Fish" Case is a man with an opinion. He offers up a weekly podcast discussion that can be heard at Questions, compliments and complaints can be sent to him at The opinions expressed by columnists do not necessarily reflect the views of the Brattleboro Reformer.



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