Photography workshop with Walker Blackwell

BRATTLEBORO — Walker Blackwell is an educator, printmaker, artist, web designer, community organizer, and organic vegetable farmer who came to the digital field as a teenager during the flux between analogue and digital in the late '90s. A workshop, Creating Piezography Digital Negatives for Silver Printing with Blackwell takes place on Saturday, Nov. 11, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Vermont Center for Photography, 49 Flat St.

Blackwell will take the group through the PiezoDN (Piezography Digital Negative) system for silver darkroom printing using a modified Epson 3880 with monochrome carbon inks installed and printing on Pictorico Ultra Premium OHP film. The PiezoDN system enables digital negative printing at the same fidelity as silver negatives and also matches the darkroom print to the monitor. Now artists can print in the darkroom from their digital files at very high quality.

Students should bring hard-drives and/or laptops with files that are nearly "print-ready." Email or call 802-251-6051 for more information.


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