Letter: Pecking through the wreckage


Editor of the Reformer,

As I sit in front of the TV, watching President Trump's latest chaos involving the government shutdown, I can't help but think of Woody Woodpecker. That's right ... Woody Woodpecker! In one of my favorite 1960s cartoons, Woody has dropped a dime (the actual piece of money, not a snitch) and watched it roll around the sink and fall down the drain. Woody wants his dime and is willing to do most anything to get it. With that, he starts to pull the plumbing apart only to find that the dime has dropped away even further. Ignoring common sense, Woody proceeds to tear ever further into the house to get what he wants. Finally, amid the wreckage of a perfectly good house, he comes up with the dime and declares triumph! Sooo ... as our government rolls around the drain and Mr. Woodpecker (er, I mean Mr. Trump) tears away at our lives, I wish us all luck and hope common sense prevails. In the meantime, Tha Tha Tha ... That's All Folks!

Paul Taylor

Halifax, Jan. 5



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