SheepX Rocket Program ready for launch


BRATTLEBORO — Deep in his workshop at the Cotton Mill, Walter Hagedorn, owner of Sensation Productions and chief coordinator for The Love Sheep Project, builds a mobile rocket launch platform called "SheepX."

What started four years ago with Hagedorn putting the toy sheep on his lawn as a gag has grown into a social art project. The SheepX Rocket Program is something Hagedorn created for his Love Sheep project to inspire people to think about science and creativity while encouraging play. He's been mounting the rocket body onto the rebuilt LS-2 Heavy Sheep Thruster Booster Engine.

"They (the sheep) are interested in science and technology, so I decided to make them a rocket," said Hagedorn. "It was so popular, so I decided to bring it back on a mobile launch platform and hopefully we will launch successfully at the Strolling of the Heifers."

The rocket is powered by an air compressor and when finished, will put on a smoke, sound and light show as it takes off.

Even with the sheep helping Hagedorn, it has taken him about a thousand hours to construct this project.


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