Votes speak louder than words

By Peter "Fish" Case What's orange, makes things up, constantly lies, spews rhetoric, attacks our staunchest allies, cheats on his wife, lies, Tweets, lies when he Tweets, uses an 8-iron when all you need is a pitching wedge, lies, colludes and then says he's responsible for the economy improving and we accept it? Well, I think that individual needs no introduction.

It's funny how America operates. We're a country that grows tired of things quickly, our attention span is gnat-like and we're hell bent on instant gratification. But we also begin to believe whatever we're told as long as it keeps getting repeated. Which is odd, because Bernie Sanders has been saying the same thing for 30 years, so why don't we all believe that we should be on universal health care and have the ability to attend a college at no cost? Strange, don't you think? Yet, some carnival barker with a long tie spews "Fake News" (which I should say is something I would expect to fall out of the mouth of a 6-year-old) for six months and we as a nation don't know what end is up and who to believe. It truly is an amazing thing to watch the democracy as we know it go through this paradigm shift. It seems as though we no longer hold value to our First Amendment rights, it seems that we are willing to let them go. We forget that "In America the President reigns for four years, and Journalism governs forever and ever" (thank you Oscar Wilde).

Robert De Niro stepped up to the mic at the Tony Awards and before he said "thank you" he said, *Bleep* Trump. De Niro says what most people are feeling but are unable to step up on a national platform and simply do that. But then while half the people are applauding it, the other half are saying that he is bringing us down to a Trumponium level and that statements like that hurt more than they help. Here's what I think: We are dealing with a man and a culture of people that are not interested in diplomatic resolve, they don't want to sit around a table and discuss their feelings. They want to build a wall, they want immigrant families ripped apart, they want to segregate, they no longer care about infidelities, they want to blast out memes that say, "Trump gave up his billionaire lifestyle to be humiliated, ridiculed and slandered in order to save the American people." Full disclosure: I ran that entire thing through a grammar and spell checker before including it in my column, something we weren't afforded by most who posted it. Oh, another thing, you can bet your bottom dollar that those people will be voting. Will you? Now, the Great White Dope has taken to insulting our allies and complimenting dictators that have a record of human rights violations. Trump sits next to and shakes hands with a man who has killed family members that disagree with him and we're supposed to accept this as being diplomatically inclined? Meanwhile, he attacks Justin Trudeau by calling him weak! We have a "leader" that is morally bankrupt and thinks going into a huge summit unprepared is fine. And again, we as a culture determine intellect by the size of people's bank accounts. ("Well, he/she must be smart, they have millions of dollars in the bank.") When did U.S. citizens take their thought process off the gold standard? When did we get so overwhelmed that we're constantly underwhelmed when things that would have shaken us off our foundation 15 years ago have become normal operating procedure today?

But there is some good news. I honestly believe that the leaders of the world wake up every day knowing that this current situation will run its course and the USA will return to being great again. But it will take you voting, even if it's raining that day. This is nothing that we can Tweet about, this is something that will take physical action to upend. What this means is that you need to fill your car with voters and drive to the polls, because later this year we don't want to be in a situation where we are asking, what the hell is up with that?

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