Poem: We all bleed red


I've experienced many things over my years, including hate, rage, bloodshed and tears.

I've adjusted myself in a lot of ways,

But that don't mean I forget those days.

Damn near a half a century has passed on by,

Since I wore the uniform of a Marine, Semper Fi.

Brothers through and through, defending our red white and blue.

Didn't matter what religion, race or creed,

When it hit the fan, red was the color we all would bleed.

From the time we are born to the moment we are dead,

No matter who we are, we all bleed red.

It's a damn shame all people don't take that into consideration,

And honor, respect all those that have defended our nation.

So let us put our bigotry and racism aside,

And show to others that we are united, and we have our pride.

It shouldn't take conflict and war to see,

That this is the United States, land of Equality.


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