Winchester man to open Kickstarter account


WINCHESTER, N.H. >> Dale Van Cor is enlisting the help of his daughter's friend and an online crowd-funding website in an attempt to generate financial support for what he believes will change the world of thread fasteners.

Van Cor, the founder of Van Cor Threads LLC, has in the past year been issued three patents — for conic thread, concentric thread and wave thread technologies — by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and has drafted Isaac Lezcano to create a video that will be shared on a Kickstarter campaign page to raise funds to help people get access to these threads. Van Cor, of Winchester, explained Lezcano is a friend of his daughter and has recruited a writer and a sound man for the video he hopes will entice people to invest in his idea. Thread fasteners are pieces of hardware, such as like nuts and bolts or anything else screwed together, that have internal or external screw threads. Van Cor plans to launch the campaign on Aug. 15.

He told the Reformer he wants to raise $40,000 — $16,000 for e-commerce and $24,000 for debugging all necessary machining software.

Lezcano said he is actually producing two videos — one that is interview-style and one consisting of an animated information graphic. He said he agreed to help Van Cor after having the thread technologies explained to him in detail.

"The main thing is he managed to convince me of their physical properties. They're not easy to understand in a consumable way," Lezcano said. "It's technology that is not being adopted because, mainly, of manufacturing bureaucracy. We're trying to get this technology out there."

Lezcano said he is a film major at Keene State College and has his own YouTube channel,

Van Cor said he will launch the Kickstarter campaign when Lezcano's work is completed, likely in mid-August.

He says his wave thread can change the way objects such as furniture and jet engines are made. He previously told the Reformer the conic threaded fastener has many of the characteristics of the wave thread, but may be more useful as a replacement for pipe threads that do not require any sealant. Concentric threaded fasteners, he said, can be made to screw around a corner and pull in laterally while moving.

Van Cor has explained the smoother a thread is, the tighter its grip. He said the Van Cor Threads have total surface contact and cannot be overtightened — the next possibility is to break the bolt.

The Winchester resident has been working full-time on his thread technologies for years. He said he will eventually make money by selling commercial licenses in the American market.

"The problem with inventing something new is you have to create the infrastructure for people to use it," he said. "It will still be years for this to really take off."

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