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To the editor: The world needs a New World Order. There is something fundamentally and drastically wrong with a world that tolerates one man w…

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These videos are screened by Vermont News & Media for graphic violence and other related imagery, as well as propagandist messages, implied or expressed, as well as clear copyright issues. We have a native speaker who listens to what's said or shown in the videos, checking for appropriateness. While we can't ensure that all videos are authentic, we make all efforts to only post what appears to be real footage from the frontlines in the war on Ukraine.

Top Stories from Ukraine

BRATTLEBORO — Siblings Christian Stromberg, owner of Saxtons River Distillery, and Kerry Secrest, Honorary Consul of Lithuania to Vermont, are holding a fundraiser and online auction to benefit those in crisis in Ukraine. The online auction is open now to view items, and the event will be he…

More videos from Ukraine


More videos from Ukraine

Latest Ukraine News

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