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Editor of the Reformer,

Fear, ignorance and superstition has instilled in humans a continuing detachment from reality. Our minds are like a blend of two species. One logical, realistic and intelligent, the other irrational, delusional and dumbed-down. It's why belief-dependency coexists with reality and symbolic meanings often differ from their intended sense.

Undoubtedly, the most ubiquitous symbol known to "man" is the Christian cross. When you breakdown its historical, visual symbolism, the image of a "dead white male body hung naked and nailed to a cross, who was brutally beaten, crowned with thorns, stabbed and had his legs broken" speaks volumes to the longstanding inherent sexism, racism and violence that continues to plague modern human behavior and norms.

Sexism: The person on the cross is a man, not a woman. In a man's world, a woman would not be consistent with an object of human worship. As far back as Genesis she has been intentionally relegated as damaged goods in the eyes of men hellbent on their own manworship. In the ancient battle of the sexes, instigated by overweening, insecure and narcissistic men, she cannot be her own woman and never a god. Therein lies a seminal root of sexism.

Racism: Firm in the minds of most American and European Christians, the man on the cross is white, not black, not asian or any other deviation from white. It's beyond ironic, then, that too many nonwhite people also see their worship of the man on the cross as racially white, or light-skinned. The historical and modern whiteness and racism of Christianity cannot be mistaken, nor denied. Therein lies a seminal root of racism.

Violence: It's impossible to ignore the very public image of deliberate bodily harm against the man on the cross. The violence cannot be explained away, neither as a symbol of dying for a cause or the inauguration of a new religion. Each year on the world calendar the violent deadly event is reenacted and celebrated en masse. Therein lies a seminal root of violence.

This historical diet of systemic bias inherent in the minds of believers stems from believer-dogmatism feeding upon itself. Believers loath to change or give up what they believe which is why intolerance rooted in religions is a binding collective, deeply-rooted, generational insanity that makes it nearly impossible to eradicate the sexism, racism and violence associated with Christianity.

In the big picture, no matter how many religions there are, Christianity is the dominant force in the world against which all other beliefs and social norms struggle. In this misperceived "Christian country" where the fiction of Christianity lives-on unabated, the intentions of whatever good the belief in a single man is supposed to bring, sexism, racism and violence prevails upon the cross. In a sane society would you raise a child to believe in the exaltation and veneration of such an impressionable horrid image? If "the child is father to the man" you don't have to wonder why we are such a sexist racist violent culture.

Vidda Crochetta

Brattleboro, Sept. 18


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