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Editor of the Reformer,

A recent letter to the editor by Andrew Torre ("Who supports Trump?") stated:

"Polls indicate that the bulk of Trump support comes from the non-college educated, while the college-educated almost universally oppose him. This would seem to indicate that those more intellectually advanced know where their real interests lie, while the others do not."

I kind of remember a candidate who pulled that same judgement, you know, the "deplorables," and she lost the election. Honestly, I think if you want to question common sense you might wonder why Democrats keep falling for the line that the peaceful protests are peaceful. You guys lost a lot of credibility on that one.

I love Trump and I have four years of education with honors and I know a lot of other people like me who love Trump too. So, you really need to stop listening to CNN or MSNBC news because you are not going to get truth. But we know if you watch FOX News, they tell you people will die. They love that line!

This false narrative that the liberal media spouts out that the United States is a racist nation does not make sense after we voted overwhelmingly to put a Black president in for eight years. A nation that is racist to the core does not function that way!

I was at a Trump rally last Saturday and this kid is yelling at me that I was born a racist. I wanted to give him time out because he was so disrespectful. And I said to him, "Ask my Black friends how racist I am." I was thinking in the back of my mind that he probably has a sign in his yard saying "Hate doesn't have a home here."

This false racist narrative is being used by Democrats to destroy this country because they have not gotten over that Trump won four years ago. If we are going to survive together in this country, we have to respect each other's political positions and know that another election is just around the corner.

I do fear that if the Democrats continue in this destructive behavior that they are going to create something in this country that they may well regret.

Rick Kenyon

Brattleboro, Sept. 17


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