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WESTMINSTER — The Westminster Fire & Rescue Department holds monthly meetings at 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month (July 7) and a combined drill on the third Tuesday of every month. Rescue training is the second Tuesday of the month.

The Prudential Committee normally meets once or twice a month. A warning will be posted 48 hours prior to each meeting.

Number of calls in May: 37

Number of calls through June 19: 4

Number of calls calendar year to date: 175

Number of calls fiscal year to date: 405

The Westminster Fire and Rescue Association last met on June 2, with 30 members present. Currently there are 39 members of the volunteer fire department. Hayden Stoddard was welcomed as a new member under the 6 month probation guidelines. Kevin Patterson and Tylar Stanley were welcomed as new junior members. They will become full members when they turn 18.

Emergency responses: May was a busy month with 37 calls. The breakdown is as follows: 15 rescue /medical calls; three motor vehicle accidents; four false alarm /activation; three tree on wires; one mental health emergency; 10 mutual aid, one to Rockingham, three to Bellows Falls, three to Putney, one to Walpole, N.H., and two to Springfield. Also there were a couple of training classes including driver training.

Tips for sunscreen and insect repellent: Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside reapply every two hours unprotected skin starts turning red in 20 minutes insect repellent is handy to have and apply before going into buggy areas - also bugs and mosquitoes like dusk so just sitting outside can make you a target. Always read and adhere to label directions and warnings to use products safely. Be aware of ticks and do a body check for ticks each night if you have been a possible tick infested area

Firewood: It's not too soon to be thinking about the next heating season. If you burn wood, be sure the wood is properly cured. Unseasoned wood can cause creosote which is very apt to plug up the chimney and cause a chimney fire. And the chimney fire can lead to a partition fire and the home could be lost or severely damaged. Have the chimney cleaned before starting a wood fire in the stove or furnace and have it checked regularly throughout the heating season.

Motorcycles: We have all noticed that there are more and more motorcycles on the road each summer and that it has become a very enjoyable pastime for many. Motorcycles can be difficult to see as a part of oncoming traffic and their distance is often difficult to judge. Give at least a double look and even an exclusive look for the possibility of an oncoming motorcycle when pulling out into traffic.

Scholarship/ Continuing Education Fund: Since 2013 the association has awarded scholarships to 14 Bellows Falls High School graduating seniors for a total of $10,000. Up until this year we have received enough memorial donations to keep the plan going. Currently the fund account is in need of some money. If you would like to give in honor or memory of a friend or loved one just list their name with your donation. The names of the donors are published, along with the names of those being mentioned without a dollar amount. Make check out to: Westminster Fire and Rescue Association label it continuing education fund if that is where you would like it to go and mail it to:

PO Box 111, Westminster, 05158.

Donations received in June for continuing education fund from the following: Barbara and Dick Taylor, Donna and Don Dawson, Jane French, Earle and Carol Milberry, Kay Miller in memory of Bruce and Jeff Miller, Susan and David Morse in honor of local educators, Jane and Phil Savoy in memory of Sam and Fran Streeter, Sue Lober in memory of Bob Lober, Mildred Barry in memory of Justin Beebe

Other donations from the following: Sarah and Michael Doran

The Westminster Fire and Rescue Association, Inc. operates independently from Westminster Fire District #3. Check us out on our web-site


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