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First Baptist Church

As part of turning upside down the kingdom of mankind, Jesus asked serious questions about what makes a family. Is it blood or is it faith and mutual love that constitute a family? The new way of believing in and connecting with God that Jesus taught caused deep tensions leading to eruptions in family units. This continues today as we witness the tensions caused between polar beliefs in families, perhaps even in our own family. With the story from Genesis about Hagar and Ishmael being expelled from their family as a background, First Baptist Church of Bellows Falls will explore what Jesus' words from Matthew 10:24-39 may mean and how that relates to our personal lives and beliefs. The title of the sermon is "Where is my family?"

The Sunday Service, back at 9 Church St., begins at 10 a.m. Services will also continue online for those who opt to stay at home, at for an inspirational mid-week message and modified Sunday Service.

For more information, contact Pastors Steven and Terri at 802-275-8879. Offerings and donations can be mailed to 9 Church Street, Bellows Falls, VT.


Centre Congregational Church

Join in this Sunday, Father's Day, for the 10 a.m. Zoom service offered by Centre Congregational Church. The Rev. Scott Couper will look at Matthew 10:24-39, which calls us to wrestle with God, in our love of our mortal mothers and fathers, more than God. In a time of ruptured relationships in family and communities, we will look at what is the meaning of Daring Discipleship?

Mary Milkey-May will play by W. Walond, "I Love to Tell the Story" - arr. G. Young and Rigaudon by A. Campra. The Children's Time will be shared by Haley Marcel.

Centre Church, through Loaves and Fishes, continues to provide over 400 meals weekly for Groundworks, the Food Bank and those in need of lunch on Tuesday and Friday. Anyone wishing to help in this service can call the church office weekdays at 802-254-4730 and speak with Administrator Bruce Landenburger.

Reverend Couper has resumed his work out of his church office and is available at church during the week Mondays through Thursday. Also resumed fully is the Brattleboro Centre for Children which is housed at the church.

Contact the church at or 802-254-4730. To participate in the Zoom service, contact the pastor at for the login information.

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church at 18 Town Crier Drive continues to postpone worship services due to the coronavirus outbreak. Also canceled are the Thursday evening Bible Studies. The Trustees and Deacons met this past week to determine when it will be safe to gather once more in the church. Safety guidelines were discussed and will be implemented according to the advice of the doctors, scientists and Governor. Because Gov. Phil Scott has extended the "Stay at Home" order for another month, the church has not yet determined a date as when to safely reopen.

For Thought and Prayer: (excerpt from "I Hear God's Whisper, revised") "Today, instead of being consumed by the world around you, stay focused on me. Center your heart in my presence, where it can be kept safe from the swirling chaos around you. Center your being on me. If you truly want to hear from me, put down your phone, set aside social media, ignore those emails and texts for a while, and tune into me. Wait for the instructions of Heaven. Bless me with your attention. Be more aware of what's happening in you, than what's happening around you. When you are focused on me, you become a light in a dark world. You bring peace into arguments. You are able to mend division, because you share my wisdom and compassion. When you can stand outside of the confusion and look at life from the context of peace, you will know how to pray, and those prayers will be full of power. You'll be able to love the difficult ones, because you understand their words and actions stem from things within them that only I can heal. Keep your mind focused on me today. Invite me into every thought and every emotion."

Let us Pray: O God, there have been too many days of hurrying and scurrying. Too often I am forgetting to greet you at the beginning of the day, forgetting to ask your strength for my work, forgetting to ask your guidance for the day's pathway. Already, I know that today will be a happier day because you have not forgotten me. Amen.

First Baptist Church's worship services have been taped and can be viewed on BCTV. Channel 8 has been changed to 1075 and channel 10 is now 1085. Pastor Sue is writing a weekly column entitled, "Words of Encouragement." If you would like to be added to the mailing list, contact Call the church office at 802-254-9566.

St. Michael's Episcopal Church

The 8 a.m. and 10:15 am Sunday morning services for St Michael's Episcopal Church are accessible on Zoom with a computer or by telephone. Links are available on the church's website,

Morning Prayer services are offered Monday through Friday; Evening Prayer is offered each day; Wednesday with the Saints, a half-hour service at noon, is offered weekly; and the

Thursday Contemplative service is offered at 5:30 p.m. weekly. Links to all services are available on the church's website.

Trinity Lutheran

Trinity Lutheran Church, 161 Western Ave., offers worship service online. Tune in on YouTube any time on Sundays. The focus in the coming weeks is "Spirituality and the 12 Steps." What does the Gospel say about dealing with addictions? What if the church practiced the 12 Steps? Join in on YouTube as Pastor Randy explores healing and recovery. The schedule is as follows:

June 21, Steps 1-4; June 28, Steps 5- 8; July 5, Steps 9-12.

Call the church office at 802-254-4220. Contact Pastor Randy Wilburn at 413-687-5568.


Congregational Church

Dummerston Congregational Church, UCC will continue to meet online this week at 10 a.m. via Facebook live stream due to coronavirus health and safety concerns. Announcements and a home devotion will be sent to church family and friends via email. If you would like to be included in the list, contact the church office at 802-257-0544. The church will be having a Strawberry Shortcake fundraiser on Saturday, June 27, from 4 to 6 p.m. Individual desserts will be available for $7 with whole traditional cakes available for $45 (serves 6 to 8). Reservations are requested for whole cakes and can be made by calling the church office.


East Dover Baptist Church

East Dover Baptist Church, 34 Dover Hill Road, welcomes everyone to worship service this Sunday at 9:30 a.m. The church is reopening while maintaining precautions for COVID-19 - masks and social distancing. There will also be a live video feed or dial in options. For more information call 802-348-6366 or visit the website at


Community Church

Guilford Community Church takes church "outside" this Sunday at with a pre-recorded service set alongside the Broad Brook, on the West River and on Black Mountain. "Take Me to the Water," an African American spiritual, will precede and provide the background for the baptism in the Broad Brook of Guilford, "There's a River Flowing in My Soul" includes footage taken canoeing along the West River and the hymn "I was There to Hear your Borning Cry" was filmed in a local garden on Black Mountain. Other hymns are recorded by members of the church choir in outside settings Sunday also marks the graduations of 12 young people and includes the baptism and confirmation of Lily Quintero. The choir, under the direction and with the recording skills of Andy Davis and Aiden Meyer will offer two anthems and four hymns. Lily Quintero and Margaret Holland, graduating seniors, lead the service, alongside the Rev. Lise Sparrow, and Cara and Elizabeth Fisher offer prayers written for the day. Everyone is very welcome to the service chat room during the service and to Zoom after. If you need technical assistance, call Fred Breunig at 802-254-9019. Guilford Community Church continues Sunday with worship online at 10 a.m. and on BCTV at 8 a.m. The link to the livestream and Zoom Coffee hour can be found on the church homepage at For more information call 802-257-0994.


Grafton Community Church

Grafton Community Church, 55 Main St., is offering virtual worship services via Zoom. For more information, visit the church website at or on Facebook (The Grafton Church).


First Congregational Church

Worship at the First Congregational Church of Newfane has been suspended in response to the need for social distancing in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Sunday morning's service will be recorded and available on Newfane Congregational Church's website ( by 10 a.m., for those at home. Click on Ministry, and Audio Links, to listen. Special thanks to Jim Kyle for recording the service.

This Sunday, morning worship will be lead by Mike Kelly, music director. His meditation is titled "Daring Discipleship" and the scripture reading is from Matthew 10:24-39. Hymns for the service are "For the Beauty of the Earth," "Lord, Whose Love Through Humble Service" and "Lord, I Want to Be a Christian." It is hoped that those listening will join in singing. Mike Kelly will play the prelude "Prelude in F Minor" by J.S. Bach and the postlude "Good Good Father" by Chris Tomlin. Missions for the month of June are Newbrook Fire Dept. and the Townshend Food Shelf. Donations for the food shelf can be left in the basket in the entryway of the church.

No events, meetings or rehearsals are scheduled in the church for the upcoming week. For more information or to leave messages, call the church office at 802-365-4079. Church office hours are Monday and Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


Putney Friends Meeting

The Putney Friends Meeting (Quaker) community has decided to utilize technology in order to gather for worship. The meetinghouse will be closed, but unprogrammed worship will be hosted online at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday. To join in using the Zoom platform, email Roger Jasaitis at For more information, visit


Townshend Church

The Townshend Church, 34 Common Way, welcomes everyone to worship service inside the church at 10 a.m. this Sunday. Pastor Don Hashem will bring the message and Carmen Hashem will be at the keyboard. This Fathers Day the congregation will be celebrating the Father (Lord God Almighty) of us all.

Remember your face mask, gloves, and a cow's length apart. God Bless.

For more information, call 802-365-4321.


Walpole Unitarian Church

Walpole Unitarian Church is holding Sunday worship via Zoom online. A link will be posted on the church website on Saturday before the service. For the duration, join in on a Sunday morning between 9:45 and 9:55 a.m. to get settled. Service begins at 10 a.m.


All Souls Church

Join in this Sunday for an All Souls Church virtual worship service with the Rev. Shayna Appel on "It's a We Thing." Since America woke up to COVID-19 in early March, so very much has changed. Everyone has learned and is learning still how to live together in this virtual world. This Sunday, we learn to say good-bye in it.

Sign in a bit before 10 a.m. at All Souls Church is located at 29 South St.

First Congregational Church

Worship service for First Congregational Church, 880 Western Ave., will be recorded and available on Youtube Sunday morning. Search for the Rev. Audrey Walker. Her sermon is entitled

"Father's Day - Setting Priorities" based on scripture Proverbs 4:1-4. Organist Bill McKim has pre-recorded the music in the sanctuary. The prelude is "Adagio in C minor" and postlude is

"Vivace in C minor" by G P Telemann.

Email is Telephone is 802-254-9767. The office is open Thursday and Friday from 8 to 11 a.m. and by appointment. Pastor hours are by appointment.

Local missions: There is an on-going collection of canned fruit and vegetables, soups, tuna fish, peanut butter and pasta for the local food shelf. Donations can be dropped off Thursday and

Friday mornings. Free Veggies from Vermont Food Bank are distributed the first Monday of each month at Brattleboro Area Middle School. To receive the monthly newsletter," The Parish Visitor" or weekly bulletin, send your email address or call the office.


The West Brattleboro Quaker Worship Group is meeting via Zoom for unprogrammed worship Sundays from 10 to 11 a.m. To receive Zoom sign-in information email prior to Sunday at


First Universalist Church

The First Universalist Church of West Chesterfield at 10 Main St. continues to be closed until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. There will be no services during the month of June.


First Congregational Church

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all activities at the First Congregational Church of Westminster are canceled until further notice. If you visit the Facebook page, you will find a link to the current sermons. First Congregational is having church via Zoom. To join in, send a request for the Zoom link to


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